How can you become a successful freelance web designer? Try these tools
April 12 2022 | 5 min read
The process of designing websites is getting easier every year thanks to the development of various applications and tools that help designers. The days when web designers had to struggle with writing long lines of code are gone. There are many applications for designers on the market, but here’s a list of our top picks for the best tools on how to become a successful freelance web designer.
Today, with all the web design tools available, you can turn your ideas into functioning websites without stress. It’s becoming standard for web designers to try to keep up with trends and master the latest tools. But it’s important to never forget that the best web design software for you is the one with all the features and support you need.
Flat UI Colors
Flat UI Colors provides the power and common sense of beautifully paired colors. It features 14 color palettes, with a total set of 280 colors. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration, fun palettes to mess with, or you need colors for a specific brand — Flat UI Colors is the place to go.
Font Awesome
Font Awesome is the most popular way to add font icons to your website. Font Awesome consists of almost 8,000 icons created using scalable vectors, so you can use high quality icons that work well on any screen size. Each and every icon was designed from scratch, using standards and guidelines.
Google Fonts
Are you looking to spice up your webpage? The latest trends use various fonts as a key design element, making Google Fonts a more valuable resource than ever. Its intuitive user interface and comfortable download system lets you compare all available fonts and styles. There are over 1,000 font families, all for free!
Are you looking for a design tool that allows you to directly create amazing, professional websites without having programming knoeledge? Creatake is the way to go! It acts like a blank canvas to unleash your creativity. All you need to succeed is a mix of this great tool, and your skills and imagination. With Creatake you can easily make responsive websites on real devices with real user interactions — all without a programmer. There’s no need to use an intermediate element prototyping tool (e.g. Figma or Adobe XD); this will be a live web right from the beginning and during the creation process.
This website offers you exactly what its name implies, a simple tool that removes the background from an image in one click. The next time you need to edit a picture and don’t want to spend a couple of hours in Photoshop, first try It’s not always perfect but it can get 90% of the job done without it taking all afternoon.
Alexander Kahlkopf, a senior designer from Germany, designed this broad set of icons. You can use them for your noncommercial and even commercial projects, but we recommend reading the License Agreement first. Their simple visual language is perfect for almost any project, since the project aims to establish a universal and unique style of icon design. The iconmonstr application allows users to edit icons’ colors, size and order.
Streamline is a colorful mix of various icon styles and trendy illustrations accompanied by a library of geometric, organic and even sketched patterns. This mix already includes over 100,000 free assets. Not enough? You can even request new icons or illustrations. The team behind it will be happy to assist. The Streamline application allows users to edit outcomes’ colors, size and order.