Affordable web design: Does cheaper price equal lower quality?
Feb 24 2022 | 5 min read
Do you work as a freelance graphic designer and often hear you should lower your prices? But how could you do that if you want to maintain the quality of your work and stable income? Well, we have a tip for you!
When it comes to web design, or in fact any business in general, the price always matters. The design market is flourishing today and there is plenty of competition going on. Therefore your potential clients have many options to choose from. And of course they will choose your cheaper rival.
Do they consider only the price? Of course not. The quality of work, references or reputation of a designer or creative agency always matters. But often the price is what really cuts the deal. In addition, not every client can spend a huge budget on fancy website creation.
They need a more affordable and smarter solution.
Lower price, lower expectations?
You may be thinking: “OK, but I am better than they are. I can defend my prices.” But is it true? What if they are as good as you are (or even better) but they are just using better tools? They create these amazing websites with bulletproof functionality for half of your price. At the end of the month they have their bills paid and their clients are happy.
How is it possible with cheaper prices? Who will pay for all the designing, coding, SEO or copywriting? Will the website look like a high-school project? What about bad responsibility or slow page speed, that are the most common issues of cheaper websites? We will get to the answer.
The price of coding
Truth is, that normally it can take 4 (or even more) different people to create a website: coder, web designer, SEO professional, copywriter etc. The most expensive item is often web development/coding. According to the portal, development rates in Latin America range from 30€ to 62€/hour; in Eastern Europe, a developer's work will cost 26—57€/hour; the average rates of offshore developers in Asia and Africa are 18—40€/hour.
Now count the number of hours that this would normally take and you can get what? Hundreds to thousands of euros only on coding. But what if you can completely remove this item? And also some of the other items, like SEO or UX design that can also be pricey. This is how:
What more can you get with Creatake?
If you haven´t heard about no-code website editors or Creatake in particular, that's exactly what you can be missing here. That is your answer. With Creatake you can create professional websites without the help of a coder, because everything will be coded automatically. No HTML, CSS or other coding knowledge is required. Therefore your solution can be much cheaper for your client.
With more freedom, you can design websites faster and easier than ever before. You will save many hours you would normally spend arguing with your coder or waiting for the version XY of your website to be exported. With Creatake you can enjoy true WYSIWYG experience, because your website is fully functional, SEO and UX ready immediately. You can check its behavior on several platforms simultaneously while you create.
And not only you, even your clients can be part of it! That fastens the whole process of communication and suggestions, removes annoying double work and can only make the whole process even cheaper. At the end, both you and your client will be happy with the cheap, yet high quality result.
How much does Creatake cost?
Now let’s talk about prices. You can use Creatake to create amazing websites for free forever. You can even share them with your friends or clients. You will pay for Creatake only when you are ready to share your website with the world. If you want to upload one dedicated website, you will pay 69€ for one time activation.
You don't even have to waste your time on searching for website hosting. Cretake will do that for you. Operation for one dedicated website for 1 year (with SEO, cloud hosting, SSL certificate) will cost you just 119€.
So what is the answer to the initial question? Does cheaper price equal lower quality? We proudly say NO. With Creatake, cheaper price equals higher quality. And that's a nice paradox.