1. What you see is what you get — True WYSIWYG
Create websites that are functional immediately.
Build and test real websites on real devices with real user interactions.
Editor, live web sync and published sites are 100% identical.
There are no previews in Creatake.
2. Mobile, desktop and tablet all-in-one
The web is not a print. Build a website with responsive layout elements.
Design and see how the graphics behave on several platforms simultaneously while you create.
3. Made for creatives — Pure creativity
We designed Creatake for creative artists.
Creatake is a blank canvas that unleashes your creativity. All you need to succeed is a mix of a great tool, your skills and your imagination.
Create from scratch, combine creative modules, or use templates of existing designs. It's up to you.
4. Cloud
All utomatic upgrades and backups.
Browser based — Chrome — There is no need to install desktop editor application.
You do not need hosting.
5. State of art technology
Static sites in global CDN ensure the highest possible performance and availability under any load from any location.
Secures unhackable architecture.
More info on jamstack/static site generation.
6. SEO ready
All basic SEO-related features are integrated directly into the editor. Sites are served with SSL. High performance is a great SEO bonus.
7. No double work
Never do the same thing twice. Reuse, recycle everything. Copy & paste anything from anywhere.
Our component-oriented approach lets you design like a coder would: with no redundant manual work.
8. Full functional SEO invisible web
Create unlimited amount of websites, edit them or share the link with your clients.
LIVE web — full functional SEO invisible (non-index) website.
Registration does not need a credit card.
Free forever.
9. Technology supported community enviroment
Share your project with others in library. Work simultaneously on the same project in a team.
10. Ultra-fast workflow
The tool is based on using a keyborad which accelerates the creation of a professional web designer, who works with it on daily basis.
No HTML or CSS knowledge is required. Creatake is not a HTML/CSS editor.
Body-memory keyboard shortcuts for ultra-fast professional daily use.
Expert level user interface.
Creatake fits any style of work because it relies on no methodology. It is a toolset, but it is up to you, how these tools are used.
11. Professional support
Online chat.
Helpdesk with professional ticketing system.
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