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How it began
Before the story of Creatake began, I had already completed several large IT projects, and had my own company with a lot of employees.
My job was above average financially, but it brought me a lot of stress. It took its toll on my health, enjoying my family, and inner peace. So I decided to sell the company and start spending time with my family, working part-time as a consultant and trainer.
Meeting key persons / Key meetings 
That’s when my good friend Fero — an exceptionally experienced and creative IT developer with whom I once worked professionally — called me. We even had a favourite pastry shop where we both philosophised while our children played together.
Once we met, Fero told me he had programmed his own CMS system to help clients manage their websites. He was already tired of how often they came to him with simple requests they weren’t able to manage in the content management system themselves. It all led to a CMS system with excellent UX that even an older person could manage. Fero got the idea that this tool might gain traction on the global market. He wanted to know what I thought. I wasn’t sure. At the same time, I was contacted by another good friend Laci, a successful businessman and manager with great intuition. We often met at the sauna, but he never invited me for coffee, so his invitation surprised me. He asked me if I had any ideas about an IT project he could support financially. Again, at first, I didn’t know how to answer. These two meetings and their timing were a turning point for me. Such offers don’t come every day. Besides, at that time, I had no plans to start a business again and implement IT projects. I saw it as synchronicity — a sign from the universe that I should pay attention to it. So I created a detailed business plan to test whether my friends were really serious. It turned out these were no empty words, and they were willing to put their time and money into it.
Searching for the way
We started a joint start-up, and so began a time of looking for the right way.
As we tried to define our goal and test its feasibility with prototyping, we gradually came to a breakthrough. We realised that a web graphic designer is a key element in the process of creating a website.
A frequent stumbling block in many projects is the synergy between the graphic designer and the programmer, who don’t understand each other. The programmer doesn’t understand graphic nuances, or tolerate constant changes and ‘polishing’, and the graphic designer seldom thinks systematically and often comes up with unrealistic demands.
It was the web designer whose work would get much easier with a software tool that replaced the programmer.
So we invited Sveťo to join the team, a pro who wouldn’t allow our project to slip into becoming a programmer’s tool. Fero and I agreed that graphic designers, rather than software developers, would be in charge of proposing the new tool’s main functions. That’s why we also involved other graphic designers in the development process.
On the right track
The task wasn’t easy: to create a tool in which the graphic designer can work creatively, inventively, and freely, while directly creating a website without the need for further programming.
These were very conflicting requirements, and at first it seemed impossible to create such a thing. That was one reason we named our prototypes after the Chimera — a mythical creature made of several very different animals. The whole development cost us more time and money than we originally expected. The result of our efforts was long uncertain. In the end however we succeeded, thanks to the above-average confidence of our investor Laci.
We finally found our way. Creatake was born — a revolutionary tool that allows the graphic designer to freely create and directly and interactively monitor website responsiveness on multiple devices.
A customer can even watch their website being created from anywhere in the world online. A graphic designer no longer needs a programmer to create a website. They can create up to 3times as many professional websites over the same period as before, with a higher profit on every project (website). Creatake is currently in the open beta testing phase, which allows independent graphic designers to control the development of the tool so that it has the features that graphic designers need most.
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